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SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Matthias Zabiegly

See how CINEMA 4D’s powerful and intuitive rigging, character animation, matte painting and compositing tools enabled Aixsponza to rapidly create a thrilling animation for RedBull. Discover a technique for simulating ropes with CINEMA 4D’s dynamics, and explore a project that utilized dynamics in conjunction with sculpting to create detailed lettering. Finally, see AixSponza’s powerful Texture Manager plugin.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Gabriel Smetzer

Gabriel Smetzer is at the forefront of pioneering artful, interactive storytelling. See how Gabriel uses CINEMA 4D to animate characters that draw people into “Story of Flewn”, a forthcoming cross-platform game.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Dr. Sassi

See the new CINEMA 4D exchange plug-in to The Foundry’s ‘NUKE’ and get an exclusive preview of his highly anticipated 3D filmmaking tutorial series.

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