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Controlling Light Object Intensity with Effectors in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial EJ Hassenfratz explains a couple very simple ways that you can effect Light Objects intensity in Cinema 4D using effectors. He shows you techniques you can use to “turn on/off” lights as well as a gradual light fade on/off. He also goes over another use for this method to create a noise meter animation where meter bars light up and glow, all controlled with an effector. Last he shows how to use a combination of Cappucino & Mograph  to animate the noise meter to look like it’s reacting to crowd noise and how to sync it with a shaking camera as shown in the example.



Microfloaties: C4D Preset to add floating particles to your scene

Microfloaties is free from Joelotron.com and handy for adding floating dust to your Cinema 4D scene. This could been done with a particle generator in After Effects but it’s only a small render hit in Cinema and looks great.

Microfloaties for Cinema 4D Tutorial from JoelOtron on Vimeo.

Original post on Joel Otron: http://joelotron.com/2012/06/01/microfloaties-rig-for-cinema-4d/

Sherwin Williams commercials by Buck

Advertising agency McKinney approached Buck with a brief that challenged them to create a world using Sherwin-Williams paint swatches to tell a story about color. Benjamin Langsfeld, an associate creative director at Buck, writes about what he learned, what he did wrong, and what he learned, from making Sherwin Williams commercial.

What he learned.
“1. We organised our workflow. 2. We created a set of rules. 3. We explored water and fluid-like motion. 4. We were flexible with rigging.”

What he did wrong.
“One of the hardest things about this project was agreeing the same definition of ‘colourful’ between us, the agency and the client. We got stuck in a debate between thinking of it as a controlled palette with pops of vibrant colours and a full-on explosion of highly saturated colours for 30 seconds.”

Lessons learned.
“Sometimes a production schedule doesn’t exactly synchronise with the client’s decision-making process, and in those cases you have to shoot first and hope you aimed in the right direction later.”

For a detailed interview, see the original post on 3D World

Behind the Scenes: CHRLX

CHRLX is a design studio based in New York City. The video above is their 2012 Reel, but take a look at the paired videos below. The first videos are the ones you can see their process, and the following videos are the results.


AT&T – Dancing Through DSL

M&Ms – River of Rock

Dunkin’ Donuts – Bounce