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KUNG FURY Official Movie

Kung Fury:

The verge calls it the best 80’s action film in 2015!  Check 30 minute film above, and check out all the other goodies from Kung Fury’s youtube channel, LaserUnicorn.

Here is a bonus, a music video for David Hasselhoff’s True Survivor from Kung Fury’s soundtrack.

One Bright Dot by Clément Morin

Pictures : Clément Morin
Music : Etienne Forget
Sound Design : Hugo Thouin

Clément Morin: Behance /Facebook / Website

Morphing Between Splines by eyedesyn

EJ Hassenfratz, aka eyedesyn, how to transform this Bubbly 2D text logo into another one on this tutorial.  He explains his workflow in morphing a spline into another in Cinema 4D in his latest post.

eyedesyn: Website/Twitter/Vimeo

84000 // Words of the Buddha by Giant Ant

Giant Ant creates this inspiring 2D animation on “translating the words of Buddha.”  It’s interesting to hear Russell Brand doing a voice over on this piece.


Redbull SBS by Taylor James

“We photographed and retouched a series of images for the global launch of their new ‘Cola’ addition to the iconic energy drinks brand.”

-From original post on Taylor James

Salesman Pete Trailer

Salesman Pete Trailer by Salesman Pete

Giddy Up – Tahuna Breaks

Tahuna Breaks – Giddy Up (HD) …… Leah Morgan by Morten Leirkjaer

Directed and Illustrated by Leah Morgan. Edited and Animated by Morten Leirkjaer. Produced by Fish N Clips Auckland, New Zealand. A cheeky song about a naughty topic visually depicted within a parody of a 70s childhood classic.
**contains adult content**

Greedy Boy and Moonboy

Greedy Boy by flew

Moonboy by MoreFrames