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Making of SC Weinfelden Spot

Making of – SC Weinfelden Spot by Pixcube Animation Studio

Pixcube is an animation studio in Switzerland.

Controlling Light Object Intensity with Effectors in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial EJ Hassenfratz explains a couple very simple ways that you can effect Light Objects intensity in Cinema 4D using effectors. He shows you techniques you can use to “turn on/off” lights as well as a gradual light fade on/off. He also goes over another use for this method to create a noise meter animation where meter bars light up and glow, all controlled with an effector. Last he shows how to use a combination of Cappucino & Mograph  to animate the noise meter to look like it’s reacting to crowd noise and how to sync it with a shaking camera as shown in the example.



Shave It by 3dar Studios

Animated short film by 3dar Studios.

Behind The Scenes

In the wilderness of the forests where giant bulldozers are tearing apart the woods there is a monkey that accidentally
finds a shaving machine and decides to use it. Spontaneously disguised as a human being, he moves out to the city and starts a career. After a stunning success in business, he understands the need of gaining political power. Not too long after, he becomes the president. Now he is ready to make a change.

For us, it’s an ironic reflection about how nature adapts to the human invasion. We found a great inspiration in an Amazonian bird, the Lira, which imitates the sounds it hears in the environment. It does it with such a lack of criticism or judgment that it imitates the other birds singing, the power saws noise or the crash of the trees falling in the same way. We must admit that part of the credits should go to Nahuel, a friend of us that shaves his arms in laughable ways.
We watched the monkey’s behaviour and the way they move, first in the zoos, then there was a trip to the Amazonian jungle and finally some actors friends, the monkey’s acting is the result of all this together. Regarding aesthetics, we wanted to choose the way of maximum expression possible, trying to get over the technique. In a free mix of 3D and 2D animation, saturated and live colours we found a harmony that reflects the nature’s freedom and that even loses its’ respect.

The Making of: Flying leaf – 99 Frames Entry

Rich Nosworthy of Generator Motion and Everyday.Allweek.Allyear posts his breakdown of 99 Frames entry.

The results

Behind The Scenes: Feed Me with Teeth

Feed Me, aka Jon Gooch or Spor, is an electronic, drum and bass, dubstep producer and DJ. He is currently on “Feed Me with Teeth” tour. He performs his DJ set with 18-foot-structure that is synced and reacts to his music. In this video, he shows us his process and how his idea came to life. He takes us behind the scenes on how he collaborated with Studio Rewind and Sober Industries.

If you pay a close attention to their work-in-progress, you’ll notice Cinema 4D in the background. It’s always interesting to see the application used in fields other than television or advertising.

Feed Me with Teeth DJ set

Feed Me Interview on Future Music

Information on Feed Me:

Behind The Scenes: VFX Breakdown of Panic Room – The Big Shot

I stumbled upon this amazing VFX Breakdown of Panic Room via Twitter this morning. Thanks to Chris Joyce for the link.

Directed by: David Fincher, Special Effects: BUF

Making of Connections by Neosushi

David Drayton, aka neosushi, a Senior User Experience Designer for of CINEMA 4D & BodyPaint3D, takes you behind the scenes with his experiment with MoGraph and the standard particle system of CINEMA 4D.

The results:

More info on Neosushi

Making of Magnum Temptation by Onur Senturk

The Making of Magnum Temptation by Onur Senturk

Magnum Temptation