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Easy Books Generator V1.0

Easy Books Generator is a free plug-in that creates and places books on shelves. The plug-in allows users to customize the size, texture and distribution of the books. The placement of the books can be easily customized or randomly placed. The plug-in already comes with the model and 50 high resolution preset textures. It is available to download on C4DTools.net

Original post on C4DTools.net
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Nitro4D BookCase

Less than two weeks after Nitro4D has released his latest plug-in, Magic Preview, he announces another impressive one that is in the works. He previews his brand new plug-in, Nitro4D BookCase. Take a look at his tease video and see what it does.

Stay tuned for the plug-in to go live in a next few days.

Pop-up Book

Robert Leger of Motioneers.net shows you how to make a pop-up book.

Original post on Motioneers.net