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Morphing Between Splines by eyedesyn

EJ Hassenfratz, aka eyedesyn, how to transform this Bubbly 2D text logo into another one on this tutorial.  He explains his workflow in morphing a spline into another in Cinema 4D in his latest post.

eyedesyn: Website/Twitter/Vimeo

Anti-aliasing in Cinema 4D


Motion Inspire Notes:

Anti-aliasing: Switch from Geometry to Best.
Min Level and Max Level:  Higher the number, better the image quality.
Threshold: Lower the number, closer it is to Max Level.  Higher the number, closer it is to Min Level.

Anti-aliasing affects your render time a lot.  So make sure to adjust it depending on your computer’s ability.

Star Trek Into Darkness Title Design

Star Trek Into Darkness Title Design by Video Copilot

Video Copilot will sell a lot of Element 3D.

The original post on Video Copilot

Making of Animating Letters

Making of Animating Letters by James Harford

James Harford recorded a session of creating animating letters.


Simon Fiedler demonstrates how pCache is used to deform particles. pCaches is a plug-in developed by David O’Reilly of plugins 4 CINEMA 4D. pCache lets users to take complete control of their particles. It caches/bakes, renders and shades for Thinking Particles, standard Particles, X-Particles and even Mograph Tracers. Also, it renders and generate RealFlow particles from RealFlow BIN files.

All of his plug-ins are released as “free to try and with free limited use.” But those that pay will get “support and updates plus early access to other content.”

plugins 4 CINEMA 4D Download page
Download pCache Here

G-Star The Art of RAW – The Unlimited Possibilities of Denim

There were two things that stuck out to me when I found out about G-Star’s The Art of RAW campaign created by Glassworks. It is unusual for a clothing brand to make an animated short film on demonstrating all the work that goes behind in making G-Star denim. And the music in the background was produced by Grammy Award winning artist, Skrillex.

But most importantly, it reminded me of this plug-in, Reeper X, created by Volker Römer of Codeworkers. The Pixel Lab shows you how it’s used on the video tutorial down below.

Download Reeper X
The original link at Codeworkers

The videos following are animation created by using Reeper X.

Quick Tip: Arrows in Cinema 4d

This tutorial by The Pixel Lab shows you how to make quick arrows in Cinema 4D using free preset and plug-in.

The Original Post

Making of Connections by Neosushi

David Drayton, aka neosushi, a Senior User Experience Designer for of CINEMA 4D & BodyPaint3D, takes you behind the scenes with his experiment with MoGraph and the standard particle system of CINEMA 4D.

The results:

More info on Neosushi