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Springs and Bounces

Joren of The Pixel Lab shows you how to animate with springy/bouncy motion in both Cinema 4D and After Effects. To achieve bouncy motion in Cinema 4D, he uses Delay Effector, and in After Effects, he uses a piece of script from Digital Sandwich.

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Thinking Particles Tutorials by Footprint Productions

Here is a 4-part-tutorial on Thinking Particles by Footprint Productions. The series is straight-forward and it makes a good introductory tutorials for those who don’t know Thinking Particles in Cinema 4D.

Footprint Productions is a multimedia design firm based in Dallas, TX, with 15 years of experience under their belt.

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Spline Dynamics

Fredric Furstenbach shows you how you can influence splines with dynamics. Take a look at the video below to see how Fredric used his technique.

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Realistic Bedroom In Cinema 4D

Chris Schmidt of GreyScaleGorilla shows you how to model a bedroom scene from scratch using various modeling techniques and tools in Cinema 4D.

The video down below is the part 2 of Nick Campbell’s texturing technique.

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Paul Clements Headphone Tutorials

Ministry of Sound Headphone Breakdown

Ministry of Sound Headphone

Polygon Unfolding

Cable Growth 1

Cloth Morphing

Headphone Growing

Cable Growth 2

Splines and Joints

Low poly theory

Sam Welker of Think Particle shows his process of creating low poly scenes in Cinema 4D. He uses Displacer and Polygon Reduction on objects to create low poly look. But when he has to blend two or more objects together to form a single low poly object, he uses Metaball to blend everything together. He further uses PyDeform plug-in to use Taper, Bend, Twist on objects to deform objects to the shape he wants.

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Layers Manager (Materials)

Project 4D shows you how to organize your materials with layers manager.

Download the layout

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Underwater Thinking Particles Float

Faisal of Project 4D has made an Underwater Thinking Particles Float for Renderking.

Download Project File
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