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Morphing Between Splines by eyedesyn

EJ Hassenfratz, aka eyedesyn, how to transform this Bubbly 2D text logo into another one on this tutorial.  He explains his workflow in morphing a spline into another in Cinema 4D in his latest post.

eyedesyn: Website/Twitter/Vimeo

Sketches in Cinema 4D by Simon Russell

Simon Russell details his experiments on his site and you can access the project file.

The Making of Pixellation

The Making of Pixellation

Last week, Chris Cousins released a futuristic animation short, Pixellation, using Cinema 4D and Modo.  He says he made a “conscious effort to keep the animation physical, so the structures have mass and inertia.” The attention to details in this animation is incredible since the objects in short “are constrained to behave as believably as possible, in the context of this slightly abstract environment.”  Take a look at the making of footage above to see how he achieved his goal.



Chris Cousins: Vimeo, Behance

RollerCoaster 4D preset

Jochem Drost just released RollerCoaster 4D preset on his website.  With the preset, you can build your own dynamic roller coasters in Cinema 4D.

“I’m crazy about roller coasters and I was trying to build a dynamic coaster in c4d. I’ve tried it a few times before but I never got it to work, until now!  I kept improving and simulating to the best of my ability, and now 6 months later, it has evolved into a toolkit that all of you can use for free!”

-From documentation of RollerCoaster 4D


Motion Inspire Presents Number Count Preset

Motion Inspire presents Number Count preset for Cinema 4D. You can animate numbers within seconds. From 0 to 100000. You can count up or down. This preset allows users to easily set up and instantly ready for a render. Take a look at the video tutorial above to see the preset in action. The creator of the preset is just an e-mail away for any questions regarding Number Count preset. The preset is compatible in Cinema 4D R12, R13, R14 and R15. It is priced $5.99.

Cinema 4D R15 – Team Render

This tutorial from http://www.raeven.be/ shows the basic funcionality of Team Render, both for rendering stills and animations.

Crux Design NYC: Financial Times “Graphic World”

An interactive projection installation created in partnership with Monogram for DDB UK. The four-projector installation included three short films followed by a user-controlled interactive experience. The short films convey global business in a simple and compelling way of 3D illusions that are 55 feet tall. Crux was responsible for one of those videos featured here.

Anti-aliasing in Cinema 4D


Motion Inspire Notes:

Anti-aliasing: Switch from Geometry to Best.
Min Level and Max Level:  Higher the number, better the image quality.
Threshold: Lower the number, closer it is to Max Level.  Higher the number, closer it is to Min Level.

Anti-aliasing affects your render time a lot.  So make sure to adjust it depending on your computer’s ability.