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Parking Lot

Parking Lot by Joshua Catalano

Joshua Catalano is a head of motion design at Soleil Noir in France.

Music: Phase 6 – Deep Motion, Benge – 1975 Moog Polymoog

Voice over: François Truffaut

Script doctor: Théo Malirat

The original post on Joshua Catalano’s site

Model and Rig a Lowpoly Character Tutorial

Sam Welker of Think Particle is back with a new set of tutorials. In this two part tutorial, he explains how to model and rig a low-poly character. He further shows you how to set up Xpresso for character controls.

Modelling and texturing a character

Rigging and setting up Xpresso for character controls.

Download Project Files

Original post on Think Particle

Creating a simple IK-Chain

Robert Leger of Motioneers.net shows you how to make a simple IK-Chain.

Greedy Boy and Moonboy

Greedy Boy by flew

Moonboy by MoreFrames


Et Toque! by Bupla (Website, Vimeo, Flickr)

Bupla is a collective of two freelance graphic designers: Clémentine Dérodit & Mathieu Quiblier. The duo works in graphic design, illustration, and motion design.

Best of Google Ads

Google Chrome Extension by 1stAveMachine

Recently, 1stAveMachine rolled out their new ad explaining Google Chrome’s Extensions. Ever since Chrome’s launch, Google Chrome had been working with different studios and the results were very impressive. Here are some of the other examples.

Google Chrome Shorts, Chromance by Superfad

Google Chrome Shorts, Interactive Reaction by Imaginary Forces

Google Japan Street View