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Behind The Scenes: Google ATAP ‘HELP’

The Mill takes us behind the scenes in this fascinating live action short film produced for Google.  The film production pushes its boundaries to film in complete 360 degrees.  It allows us to take a peak at the what’s to come for Virtual Reality as a medium, and what it means for production process.

The Mill:

KUNG FURY Official Movie

Kung Fury:

The verge calls it the best 80’s action film in 2015!  Check 30 minute film above, and check out all the other goodies from Kung Fury’s youtube channel, LaserUnicorn.

Here is a bonus, a music video for David Hasselhoff’s True Survivor from Kung Fury’s soundtrack.

Behind The Scenes: VFX Breakdown of Panic Room – The Big Shot

I stumbled upon this amazing VFX Breakdown of Panic Room via Twitter this morning. Thanks to Chris Joyce for the link.

Directed by: David Fincher, Special Effects: BUF

Justin Harder – Part 2.

Here are some of Justin Harder’s recent works, including his widely known short, “OPRÉ / Twenty120.”

OPRÉ / Twenty120

Kerli “Tea Party”

Footlocker / Shoemonster / 2008

Super Chameleon / RayBan / 2008

Justin Harder

Justin Harder – Part 1.

Justin Harder is a Designer / Director / Animator based in LA. His recent work includes a short called “OPRÉ / Twenty120,” and he seems to take on a directorial role more than an animator now. Although I love his recent directorial films, but I can’t get enough of his previous motion work. Here are some of the examples.

2009 Harder Montage

Coke / Coke Side Of Life / Bubbles / 2006

Coke / Coke Side Of Life / Oh Yea / 2006

Fuel TV / X Dance / 2004

WWFT / Praun Is / 2003

IdN Magazine / Prismacosm / 2008

Justin Harder