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Behind The Scenes: Google ATAP ‘HELP’

The Mill takes us behind the scenes in this fascinating live action short film produced for Google.  The film production pushes its boundaries to film in complete 360 degrees.  It allows us to take a peak at the what’s to come for Virtual Reality as a medium, and what it means for production process.

The Mill:

TV x Web = Google TV

Finally, it’s here. We all thought about it, and wondered why there isn’t one like this.

Best of Google Ads

Google Chrome Extension by 1stAveMachine

Recently, 1stAveMachine rolled out their new ad explaining Google Chrome’s Extensions. Ever since Chrome’s launch, Google Chrome had been working with different studios and the results were very impressive. Here are some of the other examples.

Google Chrome Shorts, Chromance by Superfad

Google Chrome Shorts, Interactive Reaction by Imaginary Forces

Google Japan Street View