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True Blood Promo





Damian Atkinson of Radius Motion LLC upoaded clips of True Blood promo on his vimeo account.  The piece is well edited with clips with incredible details.

The Making of: Flying leaf – 99 Frames Entry

Rich Nosworthy of Generator Motion and Everyday.Allweek.Allyear posts his breakdown of 99 Frames entry.

The results

Force Quit and Save in After Effects

I came across this useful video tutorial on Twitter. Thanks to Tim Clapham of helloluxx for the link. In this video, Joe Lilli of Break into Motion Graphics shows you how to “Force Quit” and “Save” a frozen After Effects project.

Nitro4D Magic Slow Motion

In this tutorial, The Pixel Lab shows you how to create a really smooth time-remapping inside of Cinema 4D using Nitro4D’s plugin called Magic SlowMotion. He further explains how the process of how the time remapping is working.

“With this plugin you can make very easy slow motion effect in dynamics. Also there is a spline you can control the animation to easy ease in and out. It is very simple. Just make a new object and select the start and stop. In seconds, you have a nice slow motion effect. It works great with thrausi, catastorphe, nitroblast to make fracture effects in slow motion.”

Download Nitro4D Magic Slow Motion

The Beauty of Maps


Et Toque! by Bupla (Website, Vimeo, Flickr)

Bupla is a collective of two freelance graphic designers: Clémentine Dérodit & Mathieu Quiblier. The duo works in graphic design, illustration, and motion design.

Gkaster aka Bright Photon

DEMOREEL AVRIL2010 by GKASTER (Website, Blog, Vimeo)

Pierre Magnol, aka Bright Photon, formerly known as Gkaster, is a graphic designer and an animator. He became famous in motion graphics community as Gkaster, a studio he founded with a typographer, Pierre Fabre. He got his start as an editor for Canal plus, then worked for Ultime. But it was Limoges where he first discovered motion design, and worked as an editor, a special effects specialist and a multimedia project director. After he left Limoges, he started his own company, Kurtzmedias and worked as a director. Since then, he has done countless of short movies, contemporary productions, and corporate animations.

For more, check out his Interview with Fuel Your Motionography


C19 for Twenty 120



Motion for Web

Sometimes it is difficult to explain one’s interactive experience to another with words, and motion graphics have been the perfect medium to demonstrate and deliver the idea.

Fubiz Redesign by Mattrunks

Netvibes Showcase

Barton Smith Vimeo Twitter Website

Fileblaze by Chang Jeong