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Realistic Bedroom In Cinema 4D

Chris Schmidt of GreyScaleGorilla shows you how to model a bedroom scene from scratch using various modeling techniques and tools in Cinema 4D.

The video down below is the part 2 of Nick Campbell’s texturing technique.

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Sound Effector Animation

Nick Campbell of GreyScaleGorilla is back again. It was only a couple of days ago he posted Tracer Swarm Effect tutorial, and he posted another one on Sound effector. He uses Sound effector along with Delay Effector, Rigid body tag, and Random Effector.

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Tracer Swarm Effect

The results:

GreyScaleGorilla just released Tracer Swarm Effect tutorial. Nick Campbell of GreyScaleGorilla uses cloners, tracers, and sweep NURBS, and controls the animation by using random effector.

“This technique is simple to set up and fast to render, but creates completely different effects based on your custom settings and colors. Enjoy.”


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Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin

Halloween is just around the corner and GreyScaleGorilla just released a brand new set of tutorials on how to make Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin in Cinema 4D. Nick Campbell and Christ Schmidt take turns in showing you how. The result is up above and check out the other two below for the tutorial. Happy Halloween everyone!

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SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Nick Campbell

Nick Campbell demonstrates the incredible ease with which CINEMA 4D sparks creativity and enables artists to create dazzling motion graphics and effects on-the-fly. In this presentation, Nick shows how to create a stringy text effect, a dynamic bowling simulation, and a monochromatic/colorized effect using CINEMA 4D. Nick also demonstrates Transform, a new plugin coming soon for CINEMA 4D from Greyscalegorilla.com

SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Chris Broeska

See CINEMA 4D’s new sculpting tools in action and discover how easy it is to add detail and realism to your models.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Ash Thorp

CINEMA 4D often plays a big role in Ash Thorpe’s creative process. Watch and you’ll discover methods he used working on Prometheus to move from concepts to delivery of amazing visuals- with the help of Photoshop and Illustrator.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Chris Korn

See CINEMA 4D’s new sculpting tools in action and discover how easy it is to add detail and realism to your models.

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