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Nitro4D MagicSnowMan

Happy Holidays everyone! Nitro4D is giving away his snow man for free on his website.

Original post from Nitro4D
Download Nitro 4D Magic Snow Man

Nitro4D BookCase

Less than two weeks after Nitro4D has released his latest plug-in, Magic Preview, he announces another impressive one that is in the works. He previews his brand new plug-in, Nitro4D BookCase. Take a look at his tease video and see what it does.

Stay tuned for the plug-in to go live in a next few days.

Nitro4D Magic Preview

In this tutorial, The Pixel Lab reviews Nitro4D’s Magic Preview.

“This one is a game changer for me folks. Seriously, this plugin is amazing and will save you tons of frustration and time. Check out my review and don’t pass this by, this is a VERY strong plugin and you won’t regret trying it out!”

The Pixel Lab

Download Nitro4D Magic Preview

Nitro4D Magic Slow Motion

In this tutorial, The Pixel Lab shows you how to create a really smooth time-remapping inside of Cinema 4D using Nitro4D’s plugin called Magic SlowMotion. He further explains how the process of how the time remapping is working.

“With this plugin you can make very easy slow motion effect in dynamics. Also there is a spline you can control the animation to easy ease in and out. It is very simple. Just make a new object and select the start and stop. In seconds, you have a nice slow motion effect. It works great with thrausi, catastorphe, nitroblast to make fracture effects in slow motion.”

Download Nitro4D Magic Slow Motion

Nitro4D Magic Book

Magic book plug-in allows you to make a 3D book within seconds. Nitro4D made this plug-in for Cinema 4D and it’s available on his website for free. Also, The Pixel Lab made a video tutorial on how to configure everything from scratch.

Download Magic Book plug-in.
Original blog post from The Pixel Lab

Original Youtube video tutorial by Nitro4D