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Redbull SBS by Taylor James

“We photographed and retouched a series of images for the global launch of their new ‘Cola’ addition to the iconic energy drinks brand.”

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Force Quit and Save in After Effects

I came across this useful video tutorial on Twitter. Thanks to Tim Clapham of helloluxx for the link. In this video, Joe Lilli of Break into Motion Graphics shows you how to “Force Quit” and “Save” a frozen After Effects project.

Quick Tip: Arrows in Cinema 4d

This tutorial by The Pixel Lab shows you how to make quick arrows in Cinema 4D using free preset and plug-in.

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Auto-save on Cinema 4D

Faisal of Project 4D shows you how to set up an auto-save on Cinema 4D.

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Spline Dynamics

Fredric Furstenbach shows you how you can influence splines with dynamics. Take a look at the video below to see how Fredric used his technique.

Fredric Furstenbach’s Twitter

Layers Manager (Materials)

Project 4D shows you how to organize your materials with layers manager.

Download the layout

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Align an object to a spline

Faisal of Project 4D shows you how to align an object to a spline. Very quick and very useful tutorial.

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Nitro4D Magic Slow Motion

In this tutorial, The Pixel Lab shows you how to create a really smooth time-remapping inside of Cinema 4D using Nitro4D’s plugin called Magic SlowMotion. He further explains how the process of how the time remapping is working.

“With this plugin you can make very easy slow motion effect in dynamics. Also there is a spline you can control the animation to easy ease in and out. It is very simple. Just make a new object and select the start and stop. In seconds, you have a nice slow motion effect. It works great with thrausi, catastorphe, nitroblast to make fracture effects in slow motion.”

Download Nitro4D Magic Slow Motion