Everything Cinema 4D

Creating a simple IK-Chain

Robert Leger of Motioneers.net shows you how to make a simple IK-Chain.

Nitro4D Magic Book

Magic book plug-in allows you to make a 3D book within seconds. Nitro4D made this plug-in for Cinema 4D and it’s available on his website for free. Also, The Pixel Lab made a video tutorial on how to configure everything from scratch.

Download Magic Book plug-in.
Original blog post from The Pixel Lab

Original Youtube video tutorial by Nitro4D

Create HDRI’s from your own scenes

Ben Benton from UK shows you how to create your own HDRI from your own C4D scenes.

Create your own tool kit!

Ever wondered how guys from GreyscaleGorilla or c4dtools.net made their own complex tool kits into a single file, so you can grab them from your content browser and use them in your projects?

Sam Welker of Think Particle shows you how.

“We make tool kits for workflow enhancements. They’re definitely quite useful and to add to that, you can share them! Some great sites that have C4D tools are c4dextensions.info and c4dtools.net. Make sure to let me know if you make a preset library so I can check it out! I’d love to help get the word out!”

Sam Welker