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CINEMA 4D R14: Rendering Enhancements

“New shaders and global illumination enhancements in CINEMA 4D Release 14 take your renders to the next level. The new procedural wood shader, for example, offers a very realistic representation of wood grain.”



SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Manuel Merkle

Discover how CINEMA 4D helps you avoid tedious scripting work to achieve complex VFX as Aixsponza demonstrates how you can use XPresso to animate tree growth. Also, find out how C4D’s collaborative tools help Aixsponza pull off big jobs with tons of moving pieces.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Andrew Kramer

Discover how you can use CINEMA 4D with Element 3D to bring 3D objects directly into After Effects. Along the way, you’ll learn CINEMA 4D/After Effects workflow tips and tricks that save you massive amounts of time.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Josh Johnson

Get a step-by-step look at how to use some of R14’s powerful new features such as Camera Calibration, Aerodynamics and the Position Pass.

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Cinema 4D R14 | Camera Morph tutorial

“Hello everybody,
in this video I’ll be introducing you to the new Camera Morph tag in R14 of C4D. Similar things have been available as plugins and scripts in the past but it’s great to see maxon add it natively and it is a great implementation.
Be sure to check out motioneers.net and pariahstudios.co.uk for more
In a future tutorial I will be showing you how I graded the final shot, so check back or subscribe so I can let you know when it is uploaded.

CINEMA 4D R14: XPresso Enhancements

“The XPresso expressions editor in CINEMA 4D has had a makeover in Release 14, with a sleek new look. But the changes aren’t merely skin deep: Attribute manager enhancements improve your workflow, several new nodes have been added, and the new XPresso Performance View helps you to quickly isolate bottlenecks and priority errors.”