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Simon Fiedler demonstrates how pCache is used to deform particles. pCaches is a plug-in developed by David O’Reilly of plugins 4 CINEMA 4D. pCache lets users to take complete control of their particles. It caches/bakes, renders and shades for Thinking Particles, standard Particles, X-Particles and even Mograph Tracers. Also, it renders and generate RealFlow particles from RealFlow BIN files.

All of his plug-ins are released as “free to try and with free limited use.” But those that pay will get “support and updates plus early access to other content.”

plugins 4 CINEMA 4D Download page
Download pCache Here

Inspiration for Five Second Projects “Candy Hearts”

GreyscaleGorilla recently announced the new theme for their Five Second Project, “Candy Hearts.” It’s very appropriate for Valentine’s Day, which is coming up in a week. We’ve gathered some inspiring videos and tutorials related to the theme. If you can’t think of anything, this might be a good starting point for you guys. Enjoy!

Candy by Maros Kucera

Falling Cubes by Grischa Theissen

What are hue? by Christofer Kümmerer

Candy by sandesdefiambre

Candy Text Tutorial by Smudgethis

MTV Canada Ident by Nicolas Girard

Valentines hearts by A3D

Exploding Candy with Strawberry Juice by Project 4D

Valspar “Drop” :15 by Shilo

Behind the Scenes: Alkanoids

Alkanoids is a design studio based in Milan, Italy. Take a look at their impressive reel above, but the true gems are their making of videos down below.

Alkanoids on Behance

Reazione a Catena /// Discovery channel

Kinect Project /// I Dieci and the making of

ALKA OCTA and the making of

ALKA SPHERE and the making of