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VFX Showreel for Russian World War II drama “Stalingrad” by Mainroad Post

Armin Yahin
uploads Visual Effects Showreel for Russian World War II drama “Stalingrad” (2013).

Gkaster aka Bright Photon

DEMOREEL AVRIL2010 by GKASTER (Website, Blog, Vimeo)

Pierre Magnol, aka Bright Photon, formerly known as Gkaster, is a graphic designer and an animator. He became famous in motion graphics community as Gkaster, a studio he founded with a typographer, Pierre Fabre. He got his start as an editor for Canal plus, then worked for Ultime. But it was Limoges where he first discovered motion design, and worked as an editor, a special effects specialist and a multimedia project director. After he left Limoges, he started his own company, Kurtzmedias and worked as a director. Since then, he has done countless of short movies, contemporary productions, and corporate animations.

For more, check out his Interview with Fuel Your Motionography


C19 for Twenty 120



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