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Sketches in Cinema 4D by Simon Russell

Simon Russell details his experiments on his site and you can access the project file.

Simon Russell’s PolyStepper, Gridify & Spiralator Tutorials

“This is tutorial for an Xpresso based tool I created for Cinema 4D called PolyStepper.
It deforms any polygon object onto a mograph cloner.”

Simon Russell and his blog

Download PolyStepper

“This is a tutorial for two presets I created for Cinema 4D.
Gridify creates random 3D grid like structures and Spiralator adds spirals, sine waves or noise to a particles trajectory.”

Simon Russell and his blog

1:18 Gridify Walkthrough
6:15 Gridify Xpresso
7:05 Spiralator Walkthrough
12:45 Spiralator and Matrix Object
14:14 Spiralator Xpresso

Download both Gridify & Spiralator

Watch the presets in action: