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Low poly theory

Sam Welker of Think Particle shows his process of creating low poly scenes in Cinema 4D. He uses Displacer and Polygon Reduction on objects to create low poly look. But when he has to blend two or more objects together to form a single low poly object, he uses Metaball to blend everything together. He further uses PyDeform plug-in to use Taper, Bend, Twist on objects to deform objects to the shape he wants.

The original post from Think Particle

Create your own tool kit!

Ever wondered how guys from GreyscaleGorilla or c4dtools.net made their own complex tool kits into a single file, so you can grab them from your content browser and use them in your projects?

Sam Welker of Think Particle shows you how.

“We make tool kits for workflow enhancements. They’re definitely quite useful and to add to that, you can share them! Some great sites that have C4D tools are c4dextensions.info and c4dtools.net. Make sure to let me know if you make a preset library so I can check it out! I’d love to help get the word out!”

Sam Welker