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Simon Fiedler demonstrates how pCache is used to deform particles. pCaches is a plug-in developed by David O’Reilly of plugins 4 CINEMA 4D. pCache lets users to take complete control of their particles. It caches/bakes, renders and shades for Thinking Particles, standard Particles, X-Particles and even Mograph Tracers. Also, it renders and generate RealFlow particles from RealFlow BIN files.

All of his plug-ins are released as “free to try and with free limited use.” But those that pay will get “support and updates plus early access to other content.”

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Download pCache Here

Thinking Particles Tutorials by Footprint Productions

Here is a 4-part-tutorial on Thinking Particles by Footprint Productions. The series is straight-forward and it makes a good introductory tutorials for those who don’t know Thinking Particles in Cinema 4D.

Footprint Productions is a multimedia design firm based in Dallas, TX, with 15 years of experience under their belt.

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Underwater Thinking Particles Float

Faisal of Project 4D has made an Underwater Thinking Particles Float for Renderking.

Download Project File
Original post on Renderking

Emitting Thinking Particles within text

Alessandro Boncio of Renderking.it shows you how to reveal your text using Thinking Particles. A great tutorial for introductory level in Thinking Particles for Cinema 4D.

Download Project File

Original post on Renderking.it


SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Casey Hupke

You can use CINEMA 4D’s Thinking Particle system to create truly jaw-dropping VFX. Watch Casey Hupke demonstrate how he leveraged these tools to create legendary animations for clients such as IBM, ATT, Coca Cola, and Buick.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Eric Demeusy

Discover how Eric Demeusy single-handedly leveraged CINEMA 4D to build epic virtual sets and VFX for his Kickstarter-funded sci-fi short film, 3113.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Jim Clark

Learn the CINEMA 4D techniques that enabled Jim Clark and his team at HIVE-FX to quickly create dynamic, photorealistic hair VFX for the creatures on NBC’s Grimm.

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