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Thinking Particles Tutorials by Footprint Productions

Here is a 4-part-tutorial on Thinking Particles by Footprint Productions. The series is straight-forward and it makes a good introductory tutorials for those who don’t know Thinking Particles in Cinema 4D.

Footprint Productions is a multimedia design firm based in Dallas, TX, with 15 years of experience under their belt.

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Create A Tornado in Cinema 4D

Domen Dimovski of CaligoFX shows you how to make a tornado in Cinema 4D in this two-part tutorial. He uses particle system with Pyrocluster in Cinema 4D.

Original post on CaligoFX

Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin

Halloween is just around the corner and GreyScaleGorilla just released a brand new set of tutorials on how to make Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin in Cinema 4D. Nick Campbell and Christ Schmidt take turns in showing you how. The result is up above and check out the other two below for the tutorial. Happy Halloween everyone!

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In this tutorial, The Pixel Lab shows you how to use Greebler. Greebler is a Cinema 4D plugin created by Kuroyume’s DevelopmentZone. It embellishes surfaces of an object with detailed objects. This is a very useful tool with various options to populate the detailed geometry.

“Any time you need more complex, detailed geometry to give the impression of massive detail, this plugin will be very useful!”

The Pixel Lab

Download 30 day trial of Greebler

Escape Tutorial – Xpresso and UberTracer

Download UberTracer

From Seth Eckert

Simon Russell’s PolyStepper, Gridify & Spiralator Tutorials

“This is tutorial for an Xpresso based tool I created for Cinema 4D called PolyStepper.
It deforms any polygon object onto a mograph cloner.”

Simon Russell and his blog

Download PolyStepper

“This is a tutorial for two presets I created for Cinema 4D.
Gridify creates random 3D grid like structures and Spiralator adds spirals, sine waves or noise to a particles trajectory.”

Simon Russell and his blog

1:18 Gridify Walkthrough
6:15 Gridify Xpresso
7:05 Spiralator Walkthrough
12:45 Spiralator and Matrix Object
14:14 Spiralator Xpresso

Download both Gridify & Spiralator

Watch the presets in action: