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VFX Showreel for Russian World War II drama “Stalingrad” by Mainroad Post

Armin Yahin
uploads Visual Effects Showreel for Russian World War II drama “Stalingrad” (2013).



Director: Nándor Lőrincz, Bálint Nagy
Director of photography: Bálint Nagy, Dániel Szőke


Tom Tom Records 2013


Production manager: Zoltán Pálmai
Focus puller: Attila Kovács “Cica”
Smink/make-up artist: Ricsi Fazekas
Make-up assistant: Eszter Galambos
Hairdresser: Bálint Almássy

Post production: Studiolamb

Chief VFX artist: Balázs Sánta
VFX artists: András Bodor, Ákos Kiss, Marcell Andristyák, Kálmán Dulity
Supervisor: Zoltán Várfoki “Zoulu”


Mitre Friction Breakdown

Mitre Friction Animatics

Mitre Friction Commercial

ROCKNROLLER STUDIOS released Mitre Friction commercial and its breakdown videos today. The work and the breakdown reminded me of Paul Clements’s Ministry of Sound Headphone animation which came out about a year ago. But this was no coincidence, when I checked the credits to their videos, I found out, Mitre Friction was created under the direction of Clements. Enjoy the breakdowns and animatics to peek the genius of Paul Clements.

Motion Design / 3D Animation / Post Production : RocknRoller Studios
Director : Paul Clements
3D Modeling / Texturing: Joe Myers
Audio : Unison by Porter Robinson (Knife Party Remix)

Behind The Scenes: VFX Breakdown of Panic Room – The Big Shot

I stumbled upon this amazing VFX Breakdown of Panic Room via Twitter this morning. Thanks to Chris Joyce for the link.

Directed by: David Fincher, Special Effects: BUF

New York Mets by Marc Rienzo / Digital Domain Media Group

The Ball Unleashed

Heads-Up Display

Amazin’ VFX Breakdown


Dragon Baby by Patrick Boivin

Patrick Boivin, the creator of Iron Baby, is back! And he’s back with Dragon Baby. Take a look at his new video of his adorable baby, and the making of footage down below.

If you haven’t seen Iron Baby, here is the video.

Car Rigging with XPresso

Roman Armankutsev, a SFX & VFX Artist and CGI Modeller, of CarteblancheFX shows you how to rig a car with Xpresso in this three part tutorial.

Download Project Files
Original post on CarteblancheFX.net


SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Casey Hupke

You can use CINEMA 4D’s Thinking Particle system to create truly jaw-dropping VFX. Watch Casey Hupke demonstrate how he leveraged these tools to create legendary animations for clients such as IBM, ATT, Coca Cola, and Buick.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Eric Demeusy

Discover how Eric Demeusy single-handedly leveraged CINEMA 4D to build epic virtual sets and VFX for his Kickstarter-funded sci-fi short film, 3113.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Rewind: Jim Clark

Learn the CINEMA 4D techniques that enabled Jim Clark and his team at HIVE-FX to quickly create dynamic, photorealistic hair VFX for the creatures on NBC’s Grimm.

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